Il teatro dei burattini al Gianicolo

Since 1959 Rome’s children have been brought to the Gianicolo every Sunday to see the puppet shows put on near the base of the statue of Garibaldi atop his horse Marsala. Children and families congregate under the shade of the surrounding trees and around the painted, wooden puppet theater, to watch the miniature curtains draw back and reveal the comedic adventures of Pulcinella and his wooden friends. While there are no set showtimes and no tickets to purchase, the show will start once the audience becomes substantial and 1 euro minimum offerings are expected. The founder of these mini-dramas, Mr. Carlo Piantadosi, may no longer be putting on shows today, but his inscription on the facade of the tiny theater remain: “Do not throw stones. This show survives thanks to the generosity of the public (don’t let it die). Thank you.”

Viale del Gianicolo
+39 06 5827767