Bar Mariani

Walking along Via dei Pettinari, away from Ponte Sisto, an old-world window display on your right will catch your eye; it’s the Bar Mariani. Take the time to enter this vintage pasticceria and enjoy all of the small details of this Roman jewel, where time has stood still since 1850. At the register you will find Saverio, the owner and de facto bar historian, with his long, white dreads. Don’t be surprised if he regales you with anecdotes concerning everything from architecture and planning of the Ponte district, to ancient legend and Roman history dating to the 1600s. The bar is manned by Saverio’s three indomitable sons, fearlessly carrying on the family business surrounded by neon signs, marble tables and antique, coin-operated telephones: all eyewitnesses to a bygone era, that still lives on.


Via dei Pettinari, 44
Phone: +39 066875286
open 6.00 am – 9.00 pm