On the backside of Piazza Navona you can find a wooden door from the 20s, behind which hides a magical place. The interior of this shop is an organized chaos, where you can find antique books, old watercolors, ex voto, and old Roman postcards in various piles and scattered about in every nook and cranny. At the back of the shop, a bookcase hides a secret room full of curiosities: rugs, kimonos, feather fans, paintings, deco armchairs and sofas… a true wunderkammer. If for whatever reason you don’t have time to enter, at least take a minute to windowshop; the display is updated weekly with a new theme, from Sicilian monographs to the canals of Venice to New York in the 30s. The soundtrack of this spot? Porgy & Bess.

Largo Febo, 15
open 10.00 am – 7.30 pm