Omero e Cecilia

Omero & Cecilia is the most fascinating vintage store in Rome, and is often frequented by costume designers looking for everything from Balenciaga jackets and military uniforms, to lace veils, and organza dresses. You’ll be met at the door by Olmo, the scruffy lagotto romagnolo, lazily sprawled on the terrazzo. The shop on Via del Governo Vecchio only displays a fraction of the duo’s collection. To see their storied warehouses you must insist, persist, and pray to convince first Omero and then Cecilia that you are worthy, and then maybe, just maybe, will they show you the extent of their treasures. If they remain unconvinced however, you can at least bring along a bottle of red wine and, taking Olmo’s example, enjoy their company for an afternoon of authentic, carefree, Roman idleness.


Via del Governo Vecchio, 110
+39 06 6833506