Tucked behind the two medieval towers in Monti (Capocci tower and Graziani tower) and framed by the 19th century street of Via Lanza, you will find Rocco. This classic Roman restaurant is newly re-opened, and thankfully not a victim to the “hip” aesthetic homogenization that has swept Monti in recent years. With small tables, a long wooden bar, wine on tap and old photos of Roma football players contrasting with those of metaphysical architecture along the walls, this place has an old world feel. Rocco always serves up genuine Roman flavors in a pleasant, authentic atmosphere, and is certainly worth the visit.

Bonus: a short ways up Via Lanza, near N. 130, there is a break in the cobblestones that provides access to an ancient underground tomb.


Via Giovanni Lanza, 93
Phone: +39 06 4870942
open 12.30 – 14.00 / 19.30 – 22.00